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Learn more about microscopy

Please follow these links to get deeper into the world of microscopy:

Cameras and detectors

For better knowledge of how cameras and detectors work and should be used:

Improve your imaging

10 tips for image acquisition:

ZEISS Light sheet fluorescence microscopy 

Tissue clearing protocol for the light sheet microscope - click here

Immunofluorescence protocol for imaging

Immunofluorescence protocol and potential useful suggestions to improve samples for imaging

We will collect general protocols from our users here in order to help new users to make great samples without repeating common mistakes.

Other links

Use Imaging Flow Cytometry with the FACS Core Facility for studying Host-Pathogen Interactions

Introduction to Euro-BioImaging

Watch the online seminar with Dr. Johanna Bischof and learn more about the Euro-BioImaging and research infrastructure

The online seminar