User licence at AU Health bioimaging core facility

By using AU Health bioimaging core facility equipment, you agree with general rules below

General rules

First time use of microscopes

All users, even experienced ones, must be trained by AU Health bioimaging core facility staff before using any microscope for the first time. Please refer to our pricelist for information about trainings.

Food and cleaning

No food or drinks allowed inside the microscope rooms.

Leave the microscope rooms clean and ready for the next user. Please notify the staff if you find that any of the Facility's areas are in an unacceptable state.

Booking and cancellation

Online booking

In order to use a microscope, you must book time by using the online booking system:

Log Book

Please also remember to use the paper logbook by the microscope.

Bookings are personal

You are not allowed to book a microscope for someone else.


If you need more time than you booked, please check the booking calendar and if free, you may book the required extra time.

If a user does not show up at the booked time within 30 minutes after start, any user can step in and use the microscope.


If you need to cancel your session, please do so in the booking calendar as soon as possible. Thereby, another use can book the microscope.

Cancelling in the booking calendar is only possible up to 24h prior to your session. If you need to cancel with a shorter notice please Anna or Nina and coordinate with the next user (name visible in the booking system).



After use, you should clean any oil/water from objective lenses. And leave no trace, please.

Report problems

If you detect any problems when using a microscope, please report it by sending an e-mail to The Bioimaging Team and in addition make a note in the log book.


If you have any doubts on how to use the microscope please contact Anna or Nina


Storage of data

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of USB memory sticks or external hard drives is not allowed.  

AU Health bioimaging core facility is not responsible for your data. DATA ON LOCAL PC DRIVES WILL BE DELETED ON A REGULAR BASIS to keep the systems perform optimally.

After using a microscope or a workstation, please transfer your data immediately to the your personal AU drive (U:)  and clean up your local directories on instrument PCs. Staff will support non-AU users to export data.




Internet access

If you want to access the internet, please bring your own devices. For security reasons, surfing the internet, downloading files, checking your e-mail account etc. is not allowed from our computers. However, you are allowed to visit our website and the booking system.

Please note:

All users must first meet with the Facility Staff to discuss research requirements.
To schedule a consultation or training session please contact The Bioimaging Team.

Anna Lorentzen

Facility manager to Bioimaging

Nina Glöckner Burmeister

Facility manager to Bioimaging