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- Should I mention that I used the Bioimaging Core Facility for my publication?

Always mention the Bioimaging Core Facility in your acknowledgements and if relevant also in your Materials and Methods section. This is critical for the facility e.g. for better visibility of the facility and for fundraising purposes - and it increases credibility of your work.

  • Acknowledgments: The authors acknowledge the Bioimaging Core Facility, Health, Aarhus University, Denmark, for the use of equipment and support.
  • Materials and Methods: Image acquisition and analyses were performed at the Bioimaging Core Facility, Health, Aarhus University, Denmark.
  • If requested by the journal, our Research Resource Identification (RRID) number is: RRID:SCR_023876

- How should I describe the equipment and methods I used at the Bioimaging Core Facility in my publication?

If requested by your journal, you may include the following information (where relevant) in your Materials and Methods section, to accurately describe the way in which you did your imaging:

  • microscope model and manufacturer, e.g. 710 laser scanning confocal microscope, Zeiss
  • objective lens magnification, NA, and correction for abberation, e.g. 63x/1.4 oil Plan-Apochromat
  • wavelengths of excitation and emission
  • camera model and manufacturer
  • software programme(s) and version, e.g. Zeiss Zen Desk
  • image acquisition settings, e.g. focus step size (for z-series), exposure time, binning, time between images (for time lapse)
  • details of any image processing or analysis procedures

- What is the RRID number of the Bioimaging Core Facility?

The Research Resource Identification (RRID) number of the Aarhus University Bioimaging Core Facility is: RRID:SCR_023876.

What is an RRID number? 

- How do I make sure that my publication is added to the Bioimaging Core Facility website?

The Bioimaging Core Facility staff depends on your contribution to keep the publication list updated. Please send us an e-mail providing the references of any publications that have used the equipments of the facility. We appreciate your help!