LSM 710, Laser Scanning Confocal, Zeiss

Inverted Zeiss LSM710

Capabilities: Optical z-sectioning of various fluorophores in living specimens and fixed samples. Motorized XY stage, temperature control, 3D z-stacks, timelapse, stitching, multi-position


  • 3 detectors 
  • 1 Transmitted detector
Objective Mag. / NA Medium Contrast Working Distance
Pln-Apo 20x/0.8 Air - 0,55
C Apochromat  40x/1,2 Water
0.28 at cover glass 0.17
Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.4 Oil DIC III 0.19
Lasers Type and Power Selected dyes
405nm Diode, 30mW DAPI, Hoechst 33342
458nm Argon, 25mW CFP
488nm Argon, 25mW GFP, AlexaFluor488
514nm Argon, 25mW YFP
543 nm HeNe, 5mW RFP
633nm HeNe, 5mW Cy5, AlexaFluor648


The Skou building 1116, room 455B

LSM710 training video