Spinning disk confocal

Olympus IX83 with spinning disk confocal

Fast time-lapse confocal imaging of living cells with minimal phototoxicity and less photobleaching. Stability during long-term and high-speed imaging facilitates quantitative analysis of huge amounts of data


  • 4 line laser engine: iChroms MLE 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm
  • Camera: Hamamatsu ORCA-FusionBT sCMOS (formerly: Orca Fusion BT C15440)
  • Environment control: cellVivo CO2 and heat control
  • Objectives: 40x (Oil), 60x (Water), 100x (Oil), and 100x (Silicon oil)
  • Z drift compensation system

Fluorescence filters

  • Band pass filters (Confocal imaging)
    • Quad band filter: 440-40 / 521-21 / 607-34 / 700-45
    • Band pass filter: 525-50
    • Band pass filter: 600-32
    • Band pass filter: 625-90
    • Band pass filter: 680-42
  • Filter cubes (Widefield ocular observation)
    • Triple band: Dapi/FITC/TRITC
      • Blue single band: Exciter filter: 360-370 nm, beam splitter: 410 nm, barrier filter: 420-460 nm 
      • Green single band: Exciter filter: 470-495 nm, beam splitter: 505 nm, barrier filter: 510-550 nm
      • Red single band: Exciter filter: 565-585 nm, beam splitter 595, barrier filter: 600-690

How to leave the system to the next user


The Skou building 1116, room 270E

Spinning disk confocal training video

Fluorescence filters