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Olympus IX81 with TIRF

3 laser line TIRF system with a 150x (1.45 NA) dedicated TIRF lens and a TIRF condensor for independent laser control. Since the angle of each laser source is independently motorized, their penetration depths can be synchronized across each wavelength using cellSens software. The system is also equipped for live cell widefield fluorescence and ratiometric imaging.


  • 3 individual laser lines for TIRF (405nm, 488nm, 561nm)
    • Emission 405nm line: 440/40nm
    • Emission 488nm line: 525/30nm
    • Emission 561nm line: 607/36nm
  • Powerful and fast 150W Xenon light engine for fast wide-field fluorescence with single-band exiters and single-band emitters for DAPI, FITC and Cy3, Cy5, 340 FURA and 380 FURA.
  • Camera with Quantum Efficiency of 95% (Photometrics Prime 95B)
  • Objectives: 10x(Dry), 20x (Dry), 40X (Dry), 60X (Oil), and 150X (Oil, TIRF)


The Skou building 1116, room 255B


Hardware introduction


Perfusion is beneficial for many dynamic imaging experiments. In order to do this a RC-21BRFS perfusion imaging chamber and an injection pump is installed. In order to use it please contact The Bioimaging Team. Currently there is a controlable injection pump and a vaccum pump to remove perfusion solution. Future upgrades could be an automatic drug injection pump (can be controlled in software) and field stimulation control for electrophysiological imaging.