PC1: Imaris, Scan^R and advanced CellSens Dimension software

Image Processing PC1: 3D and 4D Image processing and deconvolution

With PC1 in room 270E you can process your images using: 

  • Imaris 8.2 single full for 3D/4D visualization and image processing *)  
    • NOTE: Imaris does not work via Remote Desktop
  • cellSens dimention v2.3 with "count and measure" and "Constraied iterative deconvolution" **)
  • Scan^R for high content imaging data analysis 
  • Freeware like Fiji and Ilastik 

  *) This PC has a Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card for high performance image processing  

**) Deconvolution is an image processing technique used to improve contrast and resolution of images. Out of focus light causes blur which mathetically is represented as a convolution operation. Deconvolution seeks to reassign out of focus light to the correct origion. Nearly all fluorescence images can be deconvolved.